A Brief Overview of the Newest in Roofing Materials

As housing needs continue to evolve, conventional methods everywhere face the toughest challenges to survive. The direction of evolution is always progressive, that is, toward something better than yesterday. In roofing technology, the latest innovations cover a few critical aspects. These include disaster resistance, heat insulation, sustainability, aesthetics, affordability as well as eco-friendliness.

Definitive advancements are in progress as companies and research centers are coming out with the latest practical ideas. Many of these newest methods are already commercially available, whereas others still need a push for mass production. A significant share of the latest developments are unique to the roofing contractor you commission. Most companies manufacture these unique roofing systems through their owned research and development facilities. Find a brief overview of the top cut in the latest innovations in the following segments.

1.      Solar roofing materials are gaining acceptance steadily. A company is offering seven varieties of prefabricated metal shingles, their capacities ranging from 3 to 120 kw per shingle. These rugged shingles integrated with solar harvesting technology are highly disaster resistant and can withstand wind velocity of more than even 160 miles per hour. Aesthetic and eco-friendly, the solar roofs are here to stay.


In fact, most of the latest disaster proof affordable roofing solutions are metal-based. You can install metal panel overlays or underlays on the existing roofing to set up hurricane and hailstorm proof metal roofs.

 2.      Lightweight and sustainable: Studies indicate that the environmental impact of roofing materials to be directly proportional with their weight. Addressing this concern, a company in California supplies a roof that is drastically lighter than the conventional materials, yet resistant to the duress of environment. They compare the effectiveness of the material with a bulletproof jacket instead of a heavy armor.


The coating used at the top layer is something called GE alloy and the 100% recyclable material weighs merely 70 pounds per sq feet. In purview, usual materials weigh in the range of 600 lbs per sq feet. Like the solar shingles, this advanced roof also holds a good aesthetic value in colors and design.

 3.      Affordable eco-friendly roofing: Other alternatives to install affordable eco-friendly roofing include recycled shingles from rubber, plastic, or wood-fiber. Some companies also make shingles from general home waste substances, and can carry a warranty up to 50 years. Wooden roof shingles may not be the best eco-friendly and affordable solutions when they are not designed via a recycling process.

You need to contact an experienced roofer in your region or connect with any suppliers of the alternatives mentioned above. Always have an in person discussion with the roofing contractors to ensure that the service can handle the construction of a weather-resistant and eco-friendly roof adhering by standard industry guidelines.