Camden County Home Remodeling

Basement Finishing

Having a finished basement not only increases the value of your home but it also lets you have a nice area to enjoy in your Deptford, NJ home. A finished basement can be used as an extra bedroom with a bathroom, a hangout for children, your own personal man/lady cave and more. Be the envy of everyone in your town by hiring Ameritech Services to finish your basement in Deptford. We can build and redesign your basement for all of your home desires.



The roof is the heart of your home and at Ameritech Services we know all the areas that might need to be repaired and replaced.Call today to get a no obligation free consultation today for your Deptford, NJ roof. Whether your roof is leaking, needs new shingles or you want to completely replace it we are here to help. Many happy clients located in Deptford have been serviced for their roof by the professionals here at Ameritech.



There are so many types of siding that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Ameritech Services is here to help with all siding needs in Deptford, NJ. The siding of a house is just as important as the house itself because that’s what surrounds your home. Many times the years and years of weathering can be the reason as to why you will need to repair or replace your siding. Other times it’s simply because you want a fresh new look to your Deptford home. Let Ameritech help decide what style of siding is best for you.



Adding a shed to your home is great for extra storage area as well as letting the backyard come together with its design. All of our sheds are built on site right in your Deptford, NJ backyard. There is very minimal painting required for upkeep and we customize the storage for each customer’s needs. Let Ameritech Services help with your shed desires to let your backyard have some extra storage.



Ameritech Services specializes in gutter maintenance in Deptford, NJ. Some of our services include gutter guards, alignments, drainage, moisture control and more. Gutters are important to any roof and any debris that get in them can eventually damage your roof so it’s important to have them routinely checked and cleaned. Choose Ameritech to keep your gutters clean and in top shape.



A backyard deck is so much more than extra floor space outside. A deck enhances the value of your home and allows friends and family to have a place to sit and relax in an area other than inside your home. At Ameritech Services we can help customize a deck to your choice; we can add rails to the design as well. Decks have so many benefits to your Deptford, NJ home. Some of these benefits include pure decoration, investments and being able to connect with nature by having plants and flower beds put in.