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Bed Bug Removal


Don’t let bed bugs ruin your good night’s sleep. If you are looking for exterminators in South Jersey to eliminate this problem, call Ameritech for the latest techniques that prevent and remove bed bugs from infesting your mattresses and home. We have a variety of treatments depending on the level of infestation. Don’t let the bed bugs bite, call Ameritech Services!

Termite Removal


Your South Jersey home, deck, and shed is probably built of wood. Once termites get into the wood you have to act fast by calling our exterminators to stop the infestation in its tracks. We provide safe regularly scheduled service visits to make sure the termites do not come back.



Many of our homes in South Jersey are surrounded by the woods and while we love our surroundings we don’t necessarily love when a wild animal gets caught in our yard or gets in our homes. Don’t fear, our animal removal services can get rid of any animal from your home while keeping the animal safe as well.