Roofing and Water Conservation

Water conservation with green roofs:

Roofs are not just meant to provide shelter, but they also perform a major role in water conservation. Rapid reduction and abolishment of scarce natural water resources is a challenging threat for mankind. Using innovative methods of building ecological roofs, which also help with water preservation, is a brilliant idea to deal with such threats.

What is a green roof?

Green roofs are made of highly engineered environment friendly polymers. Growing plants, greenery and vegetables are the next step to enhance eco-friendliness of these shelters. Presence of living plants increases sustainable qualities of the roof; which also helps to conserve water.

How is water conservation performed via green roofs?

The presence of green plants helps the roof act like a sponger, which leads to conservation of water even during heavy rainfall and thunderstorm. However, the rainfall patterns affect water conservation to a certain level. The idea of collecting rainwater directly, using a botanical setup is a brilliant idea. Conserving water through this method is already pure and requires less purification efforts.


Green roofs are also known for adding a certain degree of insulation to the entire building. They make the building look attractive and help with increasing the level of purified air in the surroundings. These roofs are made by clubbing multiple layers. Also, a proper water storage and drainage system is needed to be built to avoid maintenance issues. Along with this, a proper soil system is needed to be established for successful water conservation. In cases of flood and draught, special technical arrangement might be required. Experts recommend installing the required elements in the advance, at the time of roof installation only.

The idea of water conservation via modern age roofing systems is a brilliant way to bring back ecological architecture to life. It is a perfect blend of technological excellence and environmentally friendly ideas to preserve water.