Some Latest Roofing Case Studies to Make An Informed Decision

Whether you need reinforcements or overhauling your roof, you have to take informed decisions. Roofing is among one of the most expensive home maintenance requirements, but proper planning can help you make a worthy investment. Case studies can offer great resources to confirm your decisions.

Check out the following latest studies proving the effectiveness of modern roofing systems. The reigning trend is to develop roofs that are aesthetic, weather resistant, lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, insulated, and useful.

  • Monumental energy expenditure saving by green roofing: Weston Design Consultants, a Chicago based eco-design service put the figures to dollars if all of Chicago has ‘green’ roofs. This study from 2012 indicates how the installation of eco-friendly roofs can save energy costs by about $100,000,000. This is a massive amount and it only indicates the savings from a single major city.


The green ideas presented by the service include growing a vegetable garden on the accessible roof space, growing grass on the roof and setting up rain guards for roof irrigation. Homeowners can purchase the Green Paks, which are pre-seeded soils especially for roof farming.


  • Metal solar shingles: The EnergyPeak is the official name of the partnership between two major services in offering solar metal shingles. Centria Services is a Pittsburg based roofing manufacturer offering solar shingles in partnership with United Solar Ovonic, in Auburn Hills, MI. The partnership offers shingles capable of harvesting the freely available solar energy to generate electricity in the range of 3 – 120 kw per shingle.


They offer the product in seven variations and employ the BIPV technology. Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic technology is gaining grounds at last after decades of neglect. Case studies reveal the roofs can withstand wind speed up to 160 miles per hour. 


  • A lightweight armor for the roof: ArmorLite—a California based company, has been offering a highly advanced polymer roofing solution. The material is extensively light, weighing a meager 70 lbs for 100 square feet of roof space. Conventional roofs weigh about 600 lbs for each square feets. Constructed with a special polymer, the material is also 100% recyclable with an impressive 0% waste in the recycling process.


Making proper use of the immortality of plastic products, this new roof is also resistant to fires, fierce winds, and earthquakes. They also offer decreased expenditure on transportation and a reduced load on the environment. Tested by experts at the Modern Energy Corporation, the roof is above par with building codes and Energy Star standards. In addition, the roof is highly durable and you can easily stand on it without the risk of it breaking.

Considering these case studies, you can select a suitable provider for your roofing needs. The latest innovations ensure your roof is the best, while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal at the top.